Sunday, January 6, 2008

More Leo Photos!

So here is a shot of Leo at twelve weeks, taken on Saturday afternoon. His coat is definately turning more golden, changing from the puppy-fluff-grey tones it used to have. He still has a reddish hue to his ears and forehead, especially in the sun. The pale streaks framing his shoulder blades seem lighter to me now, though I could be imagining things!! His eyes are still light umber in color. I am hoping that his face stays lighter, but you can never tell!

I realized that I've been delinquent in my duties--I haven't linked to Zak's Picasa photo albums of Leo pictures! I'll remedy that immediately; if you would like to see all of our Leo pics, click this link!

Leo is Twelve Weeks Old!

This picture is one our breeder, Tina, really liked...he's got some reach on him, does our Leonidas! His ears are not standing up yet but this photo caught him with both echo of what he'll be in the future! This was taken when he was eleven weeks old. We're trying hard to take photos regularly!

Friday the 4th of January Leo turned twelve weeks old. Wow, what a handful this boy is!! He is very spunky and smart, always trying to figure out how far he can go with Zak and I. Even though it's a challenge sometimes to keep our tempers, it's equally a challenge not to laugh at his antics! I don't think I've ever had a dog anything like this--I swear you can see the wheels turning in that gorgeous sable head of his! Tina spoke right when she told me not to let him use those pretty eyes to sway us into letting him get his way.

Probably the most frustrating thing for me so far is that until he has all his shots, I can't take him out on some nice walks to tire him out and use up some of that youthful energy! Luckily the third round of inoculations comes this week, and after that (though we are checking with our vet) I will feel safe to bring him out walking with me in our neighborhood. I know a lot of the "puppy crazies" are just him burning off energy. It's hard because though he is learning very fast he's still very young and has the attention span of a...well, of a twelve-week-old puppy!! LOL. Still, I love it because in the times when he is calm and attentive I can see a sign of the wonderful adult Shiloh he will grow up to be.