Thursday, March 27, 2008

Older Park Pics

Had to put up a quick post with some older pics of Leo at our local park--especially since I liked one enough to use it as my avatar on the ISSR Shiloh Shepherd forums!. He's around four and a half months in these pics. They were taken on one of the nature trails at the park, which is huge and really nice--and only about three miles from our house! For the photos click here--enjoy!

Leo the Cone-head

A few weeks ago we noticed our boy had an umbilical hernia. He hadn't had it before; it just popped out! The opinion seemed to be that since he had had several weeks of loose poops that the straining had done it. :( Poor pup! So we took him in for surgery to get it fixed two weeks back, and to keep him from bothering it he had to wear this Elizabethan collar for a week. It was so fashionable we decided to take a picture before we took it off last weekend!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Leo's Snow Day

So at the end of February we got an unheard-of amount of snow here in Denton, TX--around six inches!! Leo was VERY excited as he hadn't been able to play in the snow since he was a nine-week-old pup at New Zion Shilohs in New York state. He barrelled around the yard, plowing through the snow like a wild thing!

I have never quite figured out how to stuff a bunch of pics onto this blog, but I know enough basic HTML to set up a separate page for you to view all of our Snow Day pics: HERE! Enjoy and more to come soon!