Thursday, February 3, 2011

Dayton, OH IABCA Show, Part 2!

In this second set of photos from the Dayton IABCA show I got some great size comparison shots with one of our dogs next to GSD's in Group categories. Above, Piston next to a GSD. Note the level back instead of sloping, the squarer proportions, and the tremendous size difference. If the GSD was looking ahead you would also be able to see the difference in expression with Piston's small, triangular, Shiloh-correct ears next to the taller GSD ears.

Below you can see him compared also to a White Shepherd.

Here we have Jan's Tanna, only five months old in this photo. She is standing next to a young GSD who is ten months--double her age!

Mindy's Yoshi in the ring, Show Two, being examined by the judge.

Mindy's lovely Starr in the ring, looking alert!

A block of shots of the adult girls in the ring. They are, from left to right: Shawnee, Starr, Bisou.

I really love Shawnee and she was very photogenic for me! Here's a sweet candid shot I missed for yesterday's update:

And a block of shots of Shawnee in the ring:

Jan's beautiful Shanna in the ring, as lovely a five-month old Shiloh girl as you will ever see! And the judges agreed, awarding Shanna a slew of Best in Shows and Best in Specialty Puppy!

Best of Breed competition, Show Two. The dogs are, left to right: Piston, Yoshi, Bisou, and a dog I don't know. Piston took first in this round and went on to Herding Group.

A few shots of Piston in the ring. Can't tell I like this boy or anything! Though apparently the judges agreed with me!!

Piston in the Group competition.

Moose sitting while the judge takes notes. Moose is littermate to our Kyrie.

A block of photos of Farrah in the ring (she's to the left of the White Shepherd and GSD). Such a sweet girl, with excellent movement! Farrah was almost 18 months in this photo; the two other Shepherds were similar in age. You can see the size and structure differences here again.

Best of Breed class, show two. Piston is also in the ring, but out of the frame, and ended up winning!

The lovely Bisou in the ring. I loved this girl--a sweet personality and excellent sound structure.

Thanks so much for looking--I hope you enjoyed out "ring shots"! Stay tuned for the third update, with photos from our Specialty!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Dayton, OH IABCA Show, Part 1!

This month Leo and I decided to be completely crazy and drive the sixteen hours to Dayton, OH for an IABCA show! Jan of Shamira Shilohs also organized a Shiloh Specialty show for us there, and we had EIGHTEEN Shilohs in the ring! It was fantastic! Here's a shot of The Gang, hanging out. We took up pretty much a whole wall!

The good news: I got photos. The bad news: The lighting was terrible! Apologies for all the blurry shots. :( We had to use no flash to get anything, so the movement shots just didn't turn out. That said, I did get some decent shots--like this great cameo of Piston, who really hit his stride at this show, with three Best of Breed awards AND a Best In Specialty!

I'll be splitting this into three blog entries. We'll start with the shots I'll call "candid"--just people and dogs, hanging out!

The charismatic Hemi--if only I could have smuggled her into my car!

Jan's Shadow, Leo's uncle, side shot:

Jan's Shadow, a portrait: so photogenic!

Jan's Shadow--with an extra set of ears!

Leslee's Sasha, such a beautiful girl with a wonderful temperament!

Mindy's Midori, ready to give a kiss to anyone who greeted her!

Sweet Farrah, bashful about me taking a photo of her with her latest medal!

I didn't get any pictures of Colt, but I did get a photo of "his" baby, Erik. The Shiloh Family did a fantastic job keeping Eric entertained while Rachel was in the ring! Here, Leslee wheeled him in his stroller until he finally fell asleep!

Hemi and Piston, waiting for the next show:

Treasure and Guido, getting ready for the ring:

Jan's lovely Shanna. In the background, Bisou telling her mommy that she loves her!

Bisou. Sadly I had the flash on for this one!

Moose and Guido hanging out:

Bisou, and Sir Tylar catching a nap:

Sir Tylar's back--just could not get a good photo of that boy all weekend!

A couple of Bravo, from the Tanna/Shadow litter. His ears were awesome!

Here's Z and Linda, outside of the ring at the Specialty:

And Bisou, all tired out! Thanks for looking everyone, I'll have more photos up--this time, shots of the dogs in the ring--in a jiffy!