Tuesday, September 21, 2010

CSSC Shiloh Specialty In Oklahoma, June 2010

Late with the updates again! Not quite as bad as last year, though. I'm improving! Lura, our Chapter President, took the lovely photo of Leo you see above the day before the show. It's my new favorite photo of our boy!

In early June our local chapter of the SSDCA (Shiloh Shepherd Dog Club of America), the CSSC, organized a Shiloh Specialty Show at the Riverwind farm just outside of Oklahoma City. We had a wonderful turnout, with NINETEEN wonderful Shilohs and their families attending from as far away as Nebraska, Colorado, California, Arkansas, Arizona, and Louisiana! WOW! One of our LB's, Laura Kathryn of Solace Shilohs, came down from Washington State, too! Below, you can see the ring being set up:

I took a LOT of photos (of everyone else's dogs, of course...I can always take pictures of my own!) and will share them here. First off, below is Grand Victor and International and Breed Champion Big Jake with his son, The Duke! Ken drove all the way from California to hang out with us and to see Jake's sons and daughters: BJ, Junebug, and Batman.

Here is BJ in the ring, nicely showing her teeth:

And a couple of the handsome Batman:

And Junebug in the ring, with her sister behind her:

One of Big Jake's other progeny also made it to the show: Travis, from the Venus/Big Jake litter! Travis is The Duke's littermate. Here are some photos of Travis in the ring:

And here is Travis (left) with his housemate, Chester (right)! Chester is our Kyrie's younger brother, and took BEST IN SHOW at the event!!

Having a couple issues with uploading photos right now, so I'll add to this later. Stay tuned!