Sunday, February 10, 2008

Leo Turns 16 Weeks!

Welcome back to our blog everyone! Leo turned 16 weeks old on February 1st. We did a little photo shoot and you can see the result above. Isn't he a handsome devil? :) For more pics, go ahead and click this link to go to his 14 and 16 weeks photo album!

I have a scary and proud Leo story to share from last week, a scary thing that happened on his lunchtime walk. He's getting better, but still wrestles and wants to play when I am trying to get his leash on. It turns out that I apparently hooked the leash through the ID tag ring instead of the D ring when we were getting ready for his walk. That wire ring that holds his dog name tag on is not very strong at all! We were past the halfway point on the walk (he starts to pull a bit when it is obvious we are going home, and I have to correct more). Suddenly, the tag ring snapped and Leo shot ahead, off-lead!!

I said "Uh oh!" and stopped, had a quick panic attack, and Leo stopped and looked back at me. I said, "Leo, Come!" and gave our obedience hand signal for "come". And Leo came right back, right away!!! GOOD DOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh boy was I proud! I swear he can screw around being the wild dingo dog and ignoring me all he wants when we are out in the backyard from now on, as long as he always acts like he did today when we are out in strange places!! And only four months old!!

Today Zak and I were out in our backyard, which is about 75 feet wide. Zak stood on one side and I stood on the other, and we took turns calling Leo to "come!" back and forth. He did about eight 75-foot recalls, and off-lead! Shilohs really are awesome!!