Saturday, November 20, 2010

Happy Third Birthday, Leo!

Well I'm a bit late with this (I know, I know, I'm TRYING to get better!), but Leo turned three on October 12th. :) I've put together some updated photos of he, his littermates, and his parents! You can see photos from the first time I did this back in 2008 here, in this blog entry for his first birthday!

Below are a couple shots of Leo's brother (the only other boy in his litter), MC. MC's human mom Anne was nice enough to take some beautiful photos of the handsome MC for his birthday! You can see MC and his Shiloh housemates (Kola and Grissom) on Anne's new site, Diamondwood ISSR Shilohs!

Leo had only one smooth litter mate, the beautiful Nana--so different from the rest of her sibs, with that lovely pale silver coat and dark markings around her eyes!

Leo's sister Sunny has coloring that's a lot like their sire, Acer, though she is darker. We are so proud of Sunny for her Best of Opposites win at our CSSC Chapter Specialty this year! Here she is posing with her human mom Liz and judge Fred Lanting. The second photo is my favorite "Sunny hiking" photo--Sunny is lucky to live in gorgeous Colorado, amidst the mountains and snow! Leo is jealous...he wishes we had more snow.

Leo's sister Ginger is almost his twin! They look so much alike now that they are mature that we tease Ginger's human mom, Michelle, that she must sneak into our house and take pictures of OUR dog when we are not looking! Here is my favorite Ginger photo, taken last winter by Michelle. You can see she is also lucky to live where it snows!

Finally, I wanted to do something I have not done before, which is post photos of Leo's sire and dam. We had a photo of Acer but had never succeeded in getting a good one of his dam, Holly. But this year, Karen Ursel was gracious enough to take a lovely photo of Holly for us to use on the litter collage for Leo's first (upcoming) litter! So here they are, finally, Acer and Holly!

We hope you enjoyed Leo's latest birthday retrospective!