Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Leo of the Rings!

This was too funny and we had to get some pictures. We got Leo a new toy, a stuffed ultra-durable chewing ring...but he was a little bit confused as to how to pick it up. When he finally did, the above was how he decided it was easiest to carry!

Click here for more gallery pics of Leo and his ring...in the first one you can REALLY see how dark his face is getting!!

Leo at Five Months!

The puppy parents on the Holly/Acer '07 litter have mostly been keeping in touch, and we have been sending pictures around to each other to celebrate each month of our pups! Click here to go to the gallery of photos of Leo at five months old. The pic above is the one I call "My Best Smile"--we love it because he is the toothless wonder after losing most of his baby teeth! It is his silly "Wanna play?" smile. :) As you'll see in the gallery pics, our boy is darkening up a bit, especially in his face. Wait 'till you see the newest pics--coming soon!