Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fall Playtime!

Leo and Kyrie got some serious playtime in on and around the first day of autumn! I decided that it would be nice to get some new pics, so here we go!

We love our pillow...wait, did Mom just say "Outside"??

Can I have that?

Time to play!!

We used to do this when you were a lot littler, remember Kyrie?

Oh, did you want this??

Shilohs in Motion!

We are a BLUR!

Oh now we are tired...where's that pillow?

I hope you enjoyed our pictures!


Isn't he gorgeous?? Here is Leo in a show stack. We managed to get him to stand in it for all of five seconds...LOL! Famous dog guy Fred Lanting (remember Fred from the dog show in Denton back in the spring?) was a judge at Homecoming in New York state and helped us stack him. But I'm getting ahead of myself...

In August, Zak and I decided that the craziest thing we could do would be to take our vacation time, load a ton of clothing, food, toys, dog utensils, and both dogs into the new car (my new Honda Element!) and take off for New York state!! Our breeder and breed founder, Tina Barber, holds an annual extravaganza appropriately called Homecoming. All of the Shilohs who can manage it try to return to New York for this awesome event! It's held at a campground in the beautiful hills of western New York state. Camping, food, Rally exhibitions, show handling lessons, a structure and gait seminar, dog evaluations by experts on the breed...it's all there! Not to mention there are so many FANTASTIC dogs and people to meet and get to know better!

Some of those people we got to know better are above--some of Leo's littermates returned for Homecoming!! There is MC on the left, being silly and not looking at the camera. He is Leo's only brother. :) His owner Anne is standing. Then there is Fred, who thought our litter was so awesome he wanted a picture of himself with them! Isn't that fantastic??? Next up are Michelle and Ginger, Leo's lookalike sister! Ginger and Leo got to play a lot over those four days! Their pavilion was set up next to ours. :) Then there is my handsome Zak and handsome Leo, hamming for the camera as usual. And finally there is Karen with her beautiful Nana, the only smooth coat pup from the litter! Nana is truly a gorgeous dog and won Puppy Best in Show on Saturday. Below is her stacked picture:

We have an amazing litter, I only wish we could have gotten stacked pictures of ALL Leo's siblings!

Finally, our big news...at the Specialty show on Sunday, LEO took Puppy Best in Show! In the Saturday show he took Winner's Dog Plush Puppy, and also Best of Opposites Plush. :)

Hope you enjoyed the pics!

--Anne :)