Friday, July 15, 2011

MAC Show, June 2011

Unfortunately Leo wasn't able to come to this show with me--but that was okay, because I got to show his sister, Ginger, to two Best of Opposites awards! We always joke that Ginger and Leo look a LOT alike, so everyone probably thought I was showing Leo anyhow. ;) That's her lovely face, above, and below she's resting with one of Michelle's other girls, Jolene, in the x-pen.

The BIGGEST puppy (yes, still under a year old!) at the show was definitely Bravo, from the Shamira Shilohs Tanna/Shadow litter. Look how huge this monster boy is! He won a well-deserved Puppy Best In Show at this event.

Winning his Best in Show:

Taken standing next to some handy humans for size reference:

Olga working with Bravo before ring-time:

Though Bravo was biggest, one of the CUTEST pups at the show had to be April's new boy, Cutter, from the Snow/Bear litter!

What a foxy little face!

And a nice profile...

Cutter and April in the ring. What a happy puppy!

There were lots of pups at this show--it was great to see the upcoming generation! Three of them were even Ginger's pups, from her litter with Kuma--Thor, Ender, and Bronte. Here's Thor in the ring:

And doing an awesome Rally demonstration for us--just try to beat me, big dogs!

Ender being a lap puppy--getting too big for that!

Ender scoping out the possible playmates...

He found one! Cutter and Ender playing. :)

Olga posing her beautiful Bronte for me:

At the end of the day Ginger and Kuma and their kids got together up on the hill for a family photo!

Another puppy who came was Meesh's Gracie, from the Ruffy/Malone litter. She obligingly posed for the camera. :)

Finally, there was another Gracie puppy who couldn't make it. Michelle's new little Gracie girl from the Snow/Bear litter broke her toe right before the show! Here is a photo of her with her mom...more on her later!

There were also some awesome adults who attended the show! Evie brought her Shadow, Yoshi and Scout's brother.

The Magnificent Iso, Leo's half-brother, posing for me outside:

Iso's profile. What a majestic boy. Can't wait to see how his pups with Shawnee turn out!

Iso hanging with his favorite people, Shani and Mike. :)

The lovely Hemi looks more and more like her daddy Buckshot every time I see her! Here she is in the ring:

And posing with the judge after her wins!

Michelle's Jack (also Leo's half-brother--they share the same dam) was just over a year at this show and had his work cut out for him competing against the two and three year olds! But he gave it a great shot and was a joy for me to show. Give this boy another year or two to mature and I think he'll give 'em a real run for it! Here he is looking up at me--what are you doing, Auntie Anne?

Jack's profile. Such a handsome boy!

Michelle's Jolene, sitting pretty for me. By the end of my visit Jo was my new best friend!

Often I think the candid shots I get at the shows are better than the posed ones. Here is a wonderful shot of Margaret with Piston. I love how he looks at her. :)

Pistol Pete performed at the top of his game this show and walked off with an Adult Best In Show! I love his facial markings--they remind me so much of Kyrie's, even though they aren't any closer than very distant cousins. :)

And finally, after the show I got to spend a few days with Michelle, Don and the dogs at their lovely home. We picked little Gracie up from the vet and took her to lunch with us. Here are some more photos of her from that outing. What a face!

Posing pretty with her human momma in the big chair:

Thanks so much for reading, everyone! Sorry for the lag on these photos. Next Leo shots!

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