Friday, September 7, 2012

Shiloh Homecoming 2012 Part One!

I've always used Leo's blog to post show photos, even when he's not there, and this is no exception! Leo did win another National Select (meaning he made the list of the year's Top Ten Champions) but this time he stayed home playing with his new puppy Blazie (above). Who can blame him??

Instead I went to accept the award and took a bunch of pictures! We'll start by keeping it all in the Sparta Shilohs family. ;) Here is Leo's lovely sister Ginger, relaxing at camp and then posing with her new boyfriend Piston. Piston together with our Kyrie produced Blazie, the puppy Leo is playing with above. Kyrie is only slightly miffed to be thrown over by a Grand Victrix...

Blazie's brother Baker was also at the show! His name is Baxter now and he lives there in upstate New York. :) His new human mom is Jessica Strauss of Strauss Haus Shepherds. We are hoping that he'll grow up super-handsome, pass all his testing, and be able to contribute to the gene pool in the future!

Several of Blazie and Baxter's half-siblings from the Hemi/Piston litter came too! I got photos of three of them. Here is half-sister Ascari:

Half-sister Noa who went allll the way across the ocean to the Netherlands:

And half-brother Beau who looks so much like a masculine version of our Blazie!

Bet you thought we were done with the cute puppy photos? No way! Guard and Indy from the Suka/Moose litter were also at Homecoming! Suka is Piston's sister and Moose is Kyrie's brother so these pups were very close cousins to Blazie and Baxter. :) Both of them took a LOT of ribbons and trophies at the shows!

Here's Indy:

Having fun in the show ring...

Ahhh, the joys of showing a puppy! BOING!

Guard decided to put on his serious face for me! This pup is going to be one heck of a show-stopper when he's full grown!

Guard showing off his reach and drive with Vanessa in the show ring!

While I was in New York I shared a room with Maya and her puppy Willa. Willa is closely related to two of our other dogs--Kyrie and Thorn! She was a terrific sweetheart and I also got a great shot of her in the ring, showing off her beautiful movement!

I had to share this adorable one of Willa and Jolene: "Hey girl, whatcha lookin' at?"

Willa's white sister Zoey also did a great job in the ring!

Okay, that's it for the smaller up, bigger puppies, and more relatives!

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